4 Common Myths About Authentic Indian Food

One of the things on many New Year’s Resolution lists is trying something new. However, it is human nature to be scared of change in our lives. We aren’t telling you that you should just cancel your plans. Our chefs at India Palace are here to tell you that you should try something new – like authentic Indian cuisine! India Palace is the number one Nashua restaurant for authentic Indian food. Today, we are here to tell you some of the things that people typically get wrong about Indian food and share the truth behind what we do.


Indian Food and Curry are the Same Things

With Indian cuisine spread globally, the word curry became synonymous with the food. However, this is really just a simplification that has been used a bit too much. There are very few dishes in India that would actually be considered curry. In addition, many different dishes do not involve genuine curry or gravy that many also confuse as curry. 

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Naan is the Word for Indian Bread

This is both true and false. There are over 30 different bread variations all over India, but naan is just one of them. However, naan is along the lines of being the most popular breads in India. This is because of how common you can find it in India (more commonly in Punjabi cuisine) and because it is commonly found in Indian restaurants outside of India. 


Indian Food is the Same Across the Country

Many Indians consider this statement far off the mark. Much like it is here in America, the type of Indian food that you see or each varies between what state you live in. Almost every state in India has their own cuisine. For example, Punjabi is very bread-heavy, while Kerala offers bolder and hotter flavors. 

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You Will Not Find Beef Anywhere in India

This statement is also both true and false. Over 70% of the population in India follows Hinduism, which dictates that they cannot consume beef. In fact, 24 out of 29 of the states in India have strong laws against the slaughter and consumption of beef. Even in Kerala and Goa, where the consumption is legal, you will rarely find a restaurant that sells beef, but they are still there. 


Trying Something New at India Palace

India Palace is the number one Nashua restaurant for authentic Indian cuisine. This year, do yourself a favor and check that resolution off with a visit to our restaurant! We promise; trying authentic Indian cuisine will not disappoint!


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Ready to try something new? Come visit India Place today at 493 Amherst St. in Nashua, NH!