5 Misconceptions About Indian Food in Nashua

As the first restaurant to provide the community with authentic Indian food in Nashua, our team at India Palace has faced several challenges.  The first, and biggest challenge, are the common misconceptions about Indian cuisine.

As we begin our journey with you through our new blog page, we’re taking this opportunity to set the record straight! In this article, we’re taking a look at the top five misconceptions people often have when they think of Indian food.


All Indian food is spicy

One of the biggest myths about Indian cuisine is the heat level. While several spices are used in traditional cooking, spice doesn’t necessarily mean heat.  Although chefs can easily increase the heat to meet your preferences, traditional dishes contain little to no heat level. If you are sensitive to heat, the one spice that you want to steer clear of is chilies.



Curry is the go-to spice for all dishes

This blanket statement comes from the use of curry powder in several Indian dishes.  However, there are many varieties of curries.  “Curry” is a catchall term used for an Indian meal that contains meats and/or veggies with a spiced sauce.  However, the sauce varies and includes a variety of ground spices from coriander, turmeric, cumin, and dried chili peppers. Often, curry (as a single ingredient) is not even included in the blend.



Indian cuisine only uses basmati rice

Again, a blanket statement based on popularity in Indian restaurants.  Although basmati rice tends to be the most popular rice in India, several other types of rice are well-matched with authentic dishes.  For instance, red rice is extremely popular in India.  Another variation is Indian black rice, which is full of antioxidants.



Naan is the only type of Indian bread

While naan bread is extremely delicious (especially paired with garlic), it’s only one of two dozen popular types of bread found in India.  Be sure to check out kulcha, chapati, and parantha for a broader experience into authentic Indian culture.



Indian cuisine is not Vegan friendly

Although several types of meat may be used in traditional Indian dishes, there are even more dishes that are vegetarian! One of the best parts of traditional Indian cuisine is that substitutions can easily be made.  For example, if you’re checking out the menu and come across a meal that catches your attention – consider substituting tofu for the meat or coconut milk for the dairy.  Beyond creating Vegan-friendly entrees, the majority of Indian dishes are also gluten-free!



Now that you’re in the know, remember India Palace next time you’re looking for authentic Indian food in Nashua! Using only the freshest and finest ingredients available, we provide our customers with made to order dishes sure to have you coming back for more!