Catering for an Indian Wedding? We Have You Covered.

If you’re having a traditional Indian wedding, that means you need lots of Indian food! As in any culture, Indian weddings are a big event, and getting the food right is essential. At India Palace, we’re happy to help make your special day perfect with our Indian wedding catering services. We have an extensive catering menu that covers pretty much everything you could possibly want. But if there’s something you’d like that you don’t see on our menu, don’t hesitate to ask!


Here are a few dish suggestions for your Indian wedding.


indian wedding catering

Aloo Tikki

This particular starter is vegetarian, but it’s so delicious that the meat-eaters won’t care. Aloo Tikki is a potato patty—which is exactly what the name means—mixed with herbs and spices. These small pan-fried potato snacks come either on their own or stuffed. As a canape, they are delicious with mint chutney. Aloo Tikki is usually a moderately spicy food, depending on which spices go into it.


indian wedding catering

Butter Chicken

This popular chicken dish is quite similar to Tikka Masala. Creamy and mild, Butter Chicken not only appears at many weddings but is also a common menu item in most Indian restaurants. Garlic, ginger, turmeric, chili powder, and cumin spice up the buttery, creamy tomato sauce. A real crowd-pleaser, Butter Chicken is a great choice for your main course served with rice or naan.


indian wedding catering

Gulab Jamun

You can’t forget about dessert! Cutting a cake is a Western tradition (though some Indian couples choose to incorporate it), but India has many delicious dessert options. A traditional choice is Gulab Jamun, berry-sized balls made of milk solids, flour, and some kind of leavening agent. Soaked in rose-scented sugar syrup, Gulab Jamun goes great with ice cream, fresh cream, or Kulfi (Indian ice cream).


Indian Wedding Catering by India Palace

These are just a few selections from our catering menu, but there is so much more! We have plenty of both vegetarian and meat options, so all of your guests can partake in the meal. If you’d like to incorporate some Western traditions into your Indian wedding, we also do wedding cakes in over 20 flavors.


For more information about our Indian wedding catering services, call us at 603-891-1140 or email us through our website.