Classic Curries at your Favorite Nashua Restaurant

As arguably one of the most traditional aspects of Indian Cuisine, curry dishes are a must-try. With each curry made from a unique blend of herbs and spices, each offers a different culinary experience. Here at  India Palace, we take great pride in serving all of our guests authentic Indian food. Our Nashua restaurant is the perfect place to come and try new delicious dishes. Here is a closer look at the classic curries we serve at our restaurant.

A Very Brief History

Curry was adopted and anglicized from the Tamil word “Kari” meaning “sauce.” Originally the spice blend was used for making Kari dishes named Kari Podi. However, over time the blend of spices became more commonly known as curry powder. Each curry has a very unique blend of herbs and spices. These blends are based on the region, culture, and religious preferences from which they came. This makes each curry special. 

Each Curry is Unique

As an important part of authentic Thai cuisine, curries get their different taste and appearance from a variety of factors. The main factor in each curry recipe is the type of pepper used in the recipe. For example, oftentimes a red curry will include red pepper, a green curry will include green pepper, and so on. However, the herbs, spices, and other vegetables used in the recipe can change each curry depending on their amounts. This makes endless possibilities for curry recipes! 

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Our Delicious Curries

At India Palace, we take great pride in our numerous curries! Based on classic Indian recipes, each curry offers a uniquely delicious experience. Made with the freshest ingredients you will surely taste the difference, and spice, that our curries provide! Served with your choice of chicken, lamb, or shrimp and fish, here are a few of our classic curries that are a must-try:

  • Tikka Masala – Fenugreek scented tomato cream sauce
  • Korma – A Cashew nut-based creamy sauce
  • SAAG – Pureed spinach with herbs and spices
  • Vindaloo – A spicy, tangy sauce with potatoes
  • North Indian Curry – A home-style Punjabi curry sauce
  • Andhra Curry Masala – A very spicy Andhra sauce

Authentic Indian Cuisine at your local Nashua Restaurant

As one of the oldest and most authentic Nashua restaurants for Indian food, India Palace does not disappoint. We use only the very best ingredients to ensure that each dish is made fresh and delicious. Come try some of our authentically unique Indian curry today

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