Cool Off This Summer With Indian Food In Nashua!

Summer is officially here in New England, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying Indian food in Nashua! We know it might seem counterintuitive to eat spicy foods when it’s hot, but there are other types of Indian foods you can enjoy on a hot day. In fact, some Indian food items may help keep you cool!

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The Cooling Effect

There’s a reason why Indian food is considered healthy. This is partially due to the Ayurvedic philosophy that there is a spiritual side to digestion, with a focus on timing (eating dinner before sunset) and the use of food for holistic purposes (e.g., rose petals are made into Gulkland and eaten to help maintain body temperature). While those who truly believe in the benefits of the Ayurvedic philosophy follow a number of rules, there are still a few ways to incorporate the basics of this Indian food tradition into your summer diet.

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Indian Foods For Summer

Staying hydrated is perhaps the best way to keep cool, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate hydration into your diet! Eating vegetables, coconut water, and water-based fruits like watermelon helps the body regulate its temperature during digestion. 

Other food items that are helpful for digestion include:

  • Cucumbers, radishes, and leafy greens
  • Fennel seeds and pomegranate seeds
  • Zucchini and squash 

For an Indian dish that helps with digestion, try these Kadhi recipes!

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Sweet Treats For Summer

We all look forward to an ice cream cone or a frozen slushy, and this is especially true in the summer heat when it is harder for digestion. Ice cream and sorbets help the body stay cool, but these can have added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Try these chaas and lassi recipes instead for a refreshing and naturally sweetened treat!

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Indian Food in Nashua

Ready to eat? Forego the sweet sorbets and cool off with a mango lassi from India Palace! We also offer fresh menu options like our Avacado Papri Chaat, a light appetizer served on a papri wafer, containing fresh avocado, chickpeas, cool yogurt, and tart tamarind chutney. Try some of our unique Indian food for yourself!

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