Ever Wonder About the National Dish of India?

Most countries designate a particular dish as their ‘national dish.’ Often, this dish brings together the culture’s values and self-image. However, in some countries, this seemingly easy task is quite complicated. While there is no said ‘national dish’ for India, Khichdi is often suggested. Hence, many restaurants in Nashua create this delectable dish.

Recognized by a large number of the population, this dish fits seamlessly into many cultures, religions, and social classes of the diverse country. Furthermore, khichdi can be consumed during prayer and holy fasting periods. However, India is a country of many communities making it near impossible to narrow the diverse cuisine to one dish that fits all.

For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on khichdi and why it’s a strong forerunner for India’s national dish.


Economic barriers dissolved

In India, several classes define the economic system. Thus, what one class may consider a go-to meal may be unaffordable for another class. However, khichdi is consumed by all, which is a rare occurrence. Not only is the meal affordable, but it is the ultimate comfort food making it a favorite of nearly everyone. As with any dish, versions vary. But one thing remains – the main ingredient is rice and dal. Two things easily accessible to everyone.


What is khichdi?

Khichdi is a dish made of rice and dal. Of course, there are several variations. Often, the prepared recipe is one that has been passed between generations. However, the recipe generally calls for the combination of the two mentioned ingredients, with spices like turmeric and cumin, ghee, and sometimes a mix of root vegetables. The result is a porridge like soup that is the ultimate soul warmer.


Despite having many popular dishes in India, the country has not named one as the national dish. So, the choice is truly up to you! As one of the best restaurants in Nashua, our family at India Palace is happy to present our customers with a wide array of authentic dishes based on many traditional family recipes.

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