Myth: All Indian Food Is Spicy. The Truth Revealed.

Did you know that the word “spicy” was intended to refer to the various spices used in a particular dish? Instead, many associate the word with meals that leave the mouth of fire – spicy hot. And, when it comes to Indian restaurants in Nashua, like ours at India Palace, the misconception that all dishes are ‘spicy’ is often heard.

So while we could take the literal meaning and agree, our team is here to set the record straight. Yes, Indian food uses many spices. No, not all Indian food is created to leave your mouth on fire. Like many cuisines, authentic Indian cuisine is a balance of flavors. Combining salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and – you guessed it – hot, many dishes contain the infamous chili pepper. However, equal in quantity, many dishes also contain no chili or other type of pepper.


Hot and spicy revealed.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, the hot spicy effect often comes from chiles. While many enjoy the heat, chiles are an ingredient that may be removed from most recipes to appease your preference. Add a dash or go crazy. The choice, in most cases, is ultimately in the hands of the chef.


Do you know the secret of coconut milk?

If you’re familiar with the kitchen, you know that adding a little too much of an ingredient happens. While you can sometimes remedy the situation with quick action, other times you may not be so lucky. For example, adding too much chili to a dish can be devastating. But before you toss the dish away, let us introduce you to coconut milk.

Most recipes can be salvaged by stirring in coconut milk. Working similar in concept to the potato, coconut milk will help absorb some of the extra chilis that made their way into the dish. This is a perfect trick for nearly every dish, any time, anywhere. Don’t worry; you can thank us later.



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