3 Types of Indian Flatbreads

If you’ve ever eaten Indian food, you know that flatbreads are a staple of the cuisine. There are many different types of flatbread eaten in India. They differ in the type of flour used to make them and the way that they are cooked. Certain breads also tend to accompany certain dishes and are more common in certain regions. When you go to Indian restaurants in NH, the three most common types of flatbread that you are likely to find are naan, roti, and chapati. But what are the differences?

Let’s take a look at the different types of flatbread that you’ll find in Indian Restaurants in NH.



Probably the most recognizable type of Indian flatbread, naan is a leavened flatbread. Lovers of Indian cuisine know naan from its distinctive soft, pillowy texture and roughly triangular shape. The traditional method of cooking naan is also distinctive. Traditionally, Indian cooks bake naan inside a tandoor, which is a clay oven. A tandoor is cylindrical and the naan dough sticks to the sides of the superheated surface. The bread bakes very quickly and is peeled off the side when it is done. Naan is a very versatile bread. Diners eat it plain or buttered, but it is also often stuffed. The ingredients you are likely to find in a stuffed naan are garlic, potato, and ground meat.


Roti and Chapati

Roti and chapati are very similar and sometimes their names are used interchangeably. Strictly speaking, chapati is a type of roti. Roti differs from naan both in its dough and the way it is cooked. Roti and chapati are unleavened and instead of white flour they use stoneground wholemeal flour, called atta. Normally, cooks make roti on a flat griddle, rather than on the inside of the tandoor. When cooked on a flat griddle, roti closely resembles Latin American tortillas. There is also a fluffy variety of roti that you do cook inside a tandoor. You are most likely to find this fluffy variety serving as a wrap for kebabs.


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Delicious Flatbreads at Indian Restaurants in NH

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