A Look In Time: Indian Street Food Style

If you are not familiar with street food, it is a cultural offering of readymade food items sold in open markets. In some cultures, however, this market is more prominent and readily available than others. For example, Indian street food is said to have originated during the 1800s and continues going strong to this day. As the number one restaurant in Nashua for authentic Indian cuisine, our family at India Palace is taking this time to delve a bit deeper into this cultural tradition.


Let us start with a bit of history.

As we mentioned, street food has deep roots in India. When visiting the market, you will come across vendors who claim to have served the Mughal Kings – whether this is true or not, who are we to say. Some stories place the beginnings of the tradition with Mumbai’s factory workers whose shift ended at midnight. Using the day’s leftover vegetables and spices, cooks would hand the workers meals as they left the factory to head home.

Convenient, affordable, and always available. This is one market that quickly took hold and continues to thrive.


But this not all street food has to offer.

Unlike fast food, street food is easily available for those on the go – without the unhealthy processing of food. Indian street food includes many traditional items, made from family recipes and the freshest ingredients. Many times the meal is created upon order. Thus, you have the luxury of seeing what ingredients are used and how your food is being prepared.


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Chaats at your favorite Nashua restaurant.

While we would love the opportunity to experience an Indian street market first hand, for most people this won’t happen. However, one of the best features of Indian street food is the several mouth-watering options offered. Thus, deciding what to eat becomes the hardest part of the experience. Below are a few of our favorite street food finds not only on the streets of India, but also right here at India Palace.


  • Aloo Tikki Chaat – Spicy potato patties created with chickpeas, topped with yogurt, onions, and chutneys.
  • Paani Poori – Small bread bowls filled with sweet and spicy sauce.
  • Avocado Papri Chaat – A crispy papri wafer, fresh avocado, coarse potato mash and chickpeas mixed with a cool yogurt and tart tamarind chutney and roasted spices.

Other favorite street food options include Punjabi Samosa, Ragda Pattice, Aloo Aur Shakarkand ki Chaat, and Masala tea. Yes, there are many drink and dessert offerings as well!


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While traveling to India may not be in the near future, stopping by the best Nashua restaurant for authentic Indian cuisine should be! Visit India Palace today and experience the area’s most authentic street food!