Need Vegan Options? Try NH Indian Food!

Whether you eat vegan for ethical or health reasons, it can be hard to find a place to eat with friends or family who aren’t vegan. The solution? NH Indian food! There are many dishes in Indian cuisine that are already vegan, and at India Palace, we can easily make many more of our menu items vegan by substituting some ingredients.

Let’s start with why it’s so easy to make NH Indian food vegan.


A lot of it is already vegetarian.

We’ve explored the reasons behind some of India’s dietary restrictions before, and they explain why a lot of Indian food is already vegetarian. In Hinduism, cows are believed to be sacred, and it is illegal to slaughter them in 24 out of India’s 29 states. In some regions, other meats take the place of beef. But there are some religious practices that reject those as well. Buddhism and Jainism are also prevalent in India, and followers of those religions usually do not eat meat, fish, or eggs.


It’s easy to substitute dairy.

Because they revere cows, some Hindus also believe that consuming dairy products allows them to share in their elevated state of being. Many Indian dishes contain milk and fried foods often use ghee (clarified butter). But this is not a reason for vegans to be put off from NH Indian food. At India Palace, we can replace milk with coconut milk and use oil instead of ghee. Ghee is also relatively expensive, so most Indian restaurants use vegetable oil, anyway.


Now that you know it’s easy to make Indian food vegan, here’s why you should try it!


Vegan never means bland.

Indian food is known for its flavors and spices. So vegans don’t have to settle for bland options when they order Indian food. Even if you select a veggie dish or choose tofu for your protein, the spices of Indian cuisine will make it flavorful and delicious. Unlike other restaurants that rely on meat and cheese for all their dishes, you won’t have to settle for a sad salad as the only vegan option when you order NH Indian food.


NH Indian Food: Tasty Vegan Options

Do you need somewhere to eat that has options for everyone? Come to India Palace for some delicious NH Indian food! No one will have to get stuck with choosing from only two or three unappealing options. Choose from one of our vegan or vegetarian dishes or ask us to adapt another menu item. We’re happy to oblige so that you can have a wonderful and delicious experience.


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