Popular Traditional Beverages in India


Of all the delightful traditional beverages associated with India, there are a few tried and tested options. The most common drink that you’ve probably heard of is the Lassi or Chai drink. After all, here at the India Palace Nashua restaurant,lesser-known beverages that you should try next time you have the opportunity to!


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Myriad of Options


When it comes to Indian food, you’ve got options. The same goes for beverages! With a vast landmass and varying climates, people all over India have developed beverages to quench their thirst in many conditions. From hot steamed drinks to ice-cold refreshers, we have them laid out for you today.




Chai is at the top of our list because it’s one of the most common drinks you’ll also find here in the United States. Traditionally, this tea is full of spiced flavor and black tea. Combined with the aromatic Indian spices makes it perfect both hot and cold.




The most popular yogurt-based drink is Lassi. It can be traced back to the Punjab region of India thanks to its cooling and refreshing properties! A few ice-cold variations of this refreshing beverage are the Mango lassi, Sweet lassi, or Bhang lassi!




The Thandai beverage is a milk-based drink made with nuts, seeds, and lots of spices. It starts off as a thick paste and is combined with milk and spices to give it a rich flavor. It’s almost always served chilled. How refreshing!


Assam Tea


Unlike other black teas, Assam tea is known for its strong earth and malt flavor. This is all thanks to the harvesting cycle! Depending on when the tea was harvested, the flavor profiles change. Overall, it’s known as a high-quality tea, perfect for any time of day.


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