Restaurants in Nashua: Five Healthy Indian Food Options

Instead of ordering greasy chicken wings and a large pizza from other restaurants in Nashua, aim for a a healthy and delicious dish from India Palace! We believe a healthy mindset begins with healthy food. But if you’re not familiar with Indian food, don’t just order the Tikka Masala and call it a day. Here are five Indian options that are just as healthy!

Tandoori Chicken

We can’t ignore this healthy staple of Indian cuisine! Our Tandoori Chicken is made with tender chicken marinated in yogurt, freshly ground spices and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. It’s no wonder this mouth-watering dish is so healthy! These flavors complement the flavor of the chicken, which is cooked to smoky perfection in the ancient tradition of Tandoor over a fire.

Bonus: Tandoors require little to no oil to make this dish.

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Tandoori Entrees

Don’t forget the other tandoori dishes! These dishes are made in our traditional Tandoor, a classic stone vessel that cooks chicken, lamb, and even fish! As a plus, the tandoor sears these proteins at a high temperature. For flavor, we rely on our signature marinades to bring out the flavor of each protein.


We may be a little biased, but this one is top on our list for a reason! Our selection of curries packs a nutritious punch with fresh herbs and spices. The Anglicized version of curry, Kari, means “sauce”. Our curry sauce is rich, creamy, and calorie-dense. Choose our vegan option with coconut milk and tofu for a truly healthy dish.

*Why we love coconut milk: according to this article, consuming coconut milk lowers “bad cholesterol” and increases “good cholesterol”.

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Aloo Gobhi

If you’re looking for a delicious vegetarian dish, we suggest Aloo Gobhi. This dish is brimming with nutrition. Our potato and cauliflower duo checks all the health boxes for taste and heart health, thanks to its spice mix (turmeric, ginger, garlic, and cumin)!


While Tikka Masala may be a customer favorite, our Kebab dishes are a more healthy (and delicious) choice. Served on skewers and marinated with fresh herbs and spices, Kebab is a delicacy that even Indian royalty has enjoyed. Did you know? Kebab originates from the Kitchen of the Nawabs (royals) of Lucknow over a hundred years ago!

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Order Healthy – Restaurants in Nashua

If you’re looking for healthy Indian cuisine, check out our menu! India Palace offers authentic Indian cuisine in Nashua, NH, and we have an array of fresh, healthy dishes for every occasion. 

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