Nashua Restaurants are Cooking Up Tikka Masala



If you’ve dined at the best Nashua restaurants, like India Palace, chance are, you have come across the offering of tikka masala at some point. However, unless you’ve divulged in this authentic meal, you may pass right over the offering on the menu. Although the unknown can be scary, when it comes to authentic Indian cuisine, we promise this is one dish you won’t want to miss!



Tikka refers to a cut of meat. Whether you prefer chicken, lamb, or seafood, tikka coves all of the categories. However, there are several different methods of preparation. The most common, and most authentic of these methods is to cube the meat. Once cubed, the meat is often placed upon skewers and cooked in a tandoor. But first, the meat is marinated with a combination of spices and yogurt.



Referring to the sauce, masala describes the spices used to create the creamy coating of the dish. Red in color, masala contains a tomato base that is combined with coconut cream or milk, turmeric, cumin, ginger, clove, cardamom, onion, and more. The nice thing about this type of sauce is that the heat level is easily controlled.


Tikka Masala

Now it’s time to combine the two – meat and sauce, simmered to perfection and served with rice. We’re hungry just thinking about it! Tikka masala is a classic Indian dish that combines chunks of roasted protein in a spiced curry sauce. Among the most popular dishes throughout the world, this is a must-try for any person!


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