Indian Cuisine: A Closer Look at Diet Restrictions

A question that is asked a lot by people who are not Indian is, “why does Indian cuisine exclude beef?” Today, the best of local authentic Indian restaurants in Nashua is here to tell you the answer! At India Palace, we serve the most authentic and delicious Indian food. All of our dishes feature chicken, lamb, vegetables, and seafood. But why not any beef? 


Why India Eats Less Meat

In a study done by Pew Research Center, “Eight in ten people in India limit meat in their diets.” This is because many major religions in the country have laws against eating certain things. Beef and pork are the main proteins that you don’t see much of in India. In fact, 24 of the 29 states in India have banned the slaughtering of cows and the selling of their meat. Pew offers more statistics on this fact, saying that 81 percent of Indians follow meat restrictions. Thirty-nine percent of the population restricts meat from their diet entirely. 


The Beef Behind Beef

By this point, you probably think that we have something against beef to remove it out of our diets entirely. However, there’s no beef with beef at all! In fact, people who practice Hinduism praise cows and see them as sacred beings along with many other animals. To put it another way, all living creatures are seen as sacred beings. In Hindu culture, the cow symbolizes all other creatures. Additionally, many who practice Hinduism see the cow as a symbol of the Earth and the ever-giving, undemanding provider. Over much of India, festivals are held celebrating cows by honoring them and giving them garlands with special feedings. 


A New Look at Vegetarianism

There are two main types of vegetarians in America, a typical vegetarian and a vegan. However, there are quite a few different types of vegetarians in India, as explained by Hindustan Times. In fact, there are nine different types of vegetarianism, as listed in the news article. These different types are:

  • Strict Vegetarians
  • Flexitarian
  • Raw foodist
  • Fruitarian 
  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
  • Pollo Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Freegan
  • Pescetarian


Restaurants Nashua: Authentic Indian Cuisine at India Palace

India Palace is the oldest and most authentic of the Indian Restaurants in Nashua. We only use the finest and freshest ingredients to make our dishes. In addition, everything that we make is made to order to further ensure that your meal is the freshest that it can be. 


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