The Perfect Dishes to Enjoy This Spring at Indian Restaurants in Nashua

The arrival of spring calls for lighter foods to match the warmer weather and longer days. Indian restaurants in Nashua have dishes that are perfect for every time of year. At India Palace, we don’t think there’s a bad time to enjoy any of our food, but there are some offerings that are perfect to welcome spring. Fresh vegetables and light sauces abound in Indian cuisine, and the start of spring is a great time to give them a try.


Here are some suggestions of Indian dishes to enjoy this spring at one of your favorite restaurants in Nashua, India Palace!


Gobi Bezule

Light and crispy with just enough spice, gobi bezule is one of our favorite dishes for spring. We fry cauliflower florets in oil and spices and then toss them with curry leaves and mustard seeds. It’s the perfect option if you’re putting together a vegan menu or want to start your meal off with some crisp veggies.


Palak Ke Chaat

Chaat is a popular Indian street food and comes in many different varieties. Palak ke chaat is lightly sauteed fresh baby spinach with yogurt dressing. Fresh and cool, palak ke chaat is a wonderful accompaniment to a warm spring afternoon or evening. It’s also one of the simpler chaats, allowing you to savor each individual ingredient.


Saag Curry

Curry is a staple of Indian cuisine, so no spring menu would be complete without one. Saag is pureed spinach with herbs and spices. Add chicken, lamb, or shrimp for protein to make this curry a full meal for a spring day. The spices give saag just enough heat, while the herbs bring a pleasing earthy and aromatic flavor to the curry.


Tandoori Salmon Tikka

We couldn’t conclude without something from the tandoor! Tandoori salmon tikka is fresh Atlantic salmon marinated in herbs and spices and then cooked in the tandoor. All our tandoori plates come with long-grain Himalayan basmati rice and dal makhani (slow-cooked lentils) to complete the experience of enjoying a full Indian meal.


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If you’re looking for great Indian food, come to one of the best restaurants in Nashua, India Palace! We have all the classic Indian dishes you love, plus plenty more you probably haven’t heard of. Try something new or enjoy an old favorite next time you dine with us!


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