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New Dish Alert! Or Should We Say, Dishes?

Here at India Palace, we understand that being the number on Nashua restaurant for authentic Indian cuisine comes with great responsibility. With that, we work tirelessly to create and recreate authentic meals, drinks, and experiences that allow our customers to be immersed in the Indian Culture.

That said, we are bursting with excitement to bring you the newest additions to our menu!




As one of the most popular street foods in India, we’re thrilled to provide our guests with the addition of Dosa. Dosa is a crisp and savory thin crepe made with fermented rice and lentil batter, famous for its various ingredients. Our chefs provide two varieties, plain with no filling or masala, a delectable potato filling sure to hit the spot! Gluten-free, vegan, and served with three sides, this meal is perfect for any craving!



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Tibetan-style half-moon steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken or paneer is perfect for those looking for something a bit heavier. If you are not familiar with paneer and are a lover of cheese, this option is for you! Alongside your momos, we will serve you a generous helping of tomato achaar.


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If you’re looking for something healthy, it doesn’t come much healthier than Idli. These soft round cakes are based on two ingredients – rice and lentils, making it gut-healthy and gut-happy! Idli is another vegan, gluten-free option, complimented with sambar and coconut chutney.


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While most versions of chapati bread are based on whole wheat flour, we make ours gluten-friendly by substituting rice flour! Rolled thinner than naan, this tasty bread is the perfect accompaniment to any dish.


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Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the dessert! Vada is a savory, crispy, fried lentil doughnut. Yes, you read that correctly, 100% gluten-free and vegan! Served with sambar (lentil soup) and coconut chutney, we promise your tastebuds will be thanking you!


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A dash of cinnamon combined with fresh mango, almond milk, and honey make this new refresher perfect for the warm New England days!

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Did we mention we now have a kids menu too?

We get it, not all of our littlest diners appreciate authentic Indian cuisine. So, the long awaited kid’s menu is here! First, choose the main dish: pasta with marsala or butter, chicken tenders, pizza, rice bowl with chicken tikka masala, or chicken tikka. Next, pick your side of fries, rice, or fruit cup – then finish it off with a drink and dessert!


As the number one Nashua restaurant for authentic Indian cuisine, you can always expect the unexpected at India Palace. Our chefs work tirelessly to create new and exciting options for our guests. Why go to the same old restaurant with the same menu day in and day out? Make your tastebuds happy with authentic Indian cuisine from India Palace!


You will find us located at 493 Amherst Street in Nashua, NH. We can’t wait to see you!

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Restaurants In Nashua Have Your Wedding Covered

Although times have still yet to become anything but ‘normal,’ life must go on. Sure, adjustments shall be made to allow for safe gatherings, but gatherings we shall have, especially come wedding season. This year, restaurants in Nashua need your help just as much as you need ours! We are here to make your special day one to remember and one of less stress (well, when it comes to the food anyway)!

Here are a few reasons to consider India Palace this wedding season for all of your catering needs.


Small or large, we have your guests covered.

While large weddings may seem a thing of the past, they’re not gone forever. Whether you’re hosting 30 guests or 5,000, our family has the resources your wedding requires. From full-service to buffet style, whatever your vision hold, we will make it come true.


A commitment to excellence.

Your day wedding happens only once. So, settling for anything less than excellence is unacceptable. You are the queen, marrying your king, and every aspect of your wedding should portray this. And the food is no exception. With a commitment to excellence, our chefs at India Palace deliver only the finest, freshest, most traditional cuisine options to ensure your guests are beyond satisfied.


Here or there.

Backyard celebrations are the trend as of late, but rest assured we can supply more options. India Palace offers a spectacular banquet facility located within our restaurant. Comfortably hosting up to 80 people, our staff will handle every last detail. All that is left for you is to arrive on time (or fashionably late, the choice is yours).



If you’re looking for restaurants in Nashua to cater your wedding day, look no further than India Palace. With decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers and guests, you can have confidence that your meal will be one to remember.


Please contact our team today for more information, pricing, and the extensive menu to ensure your wedding is nothing but delicious.



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Ever Wonder About the National Dish of India?

Most countries designate a particular dish as their ‘national dish.’ Often, this dish brings together the culture’s values and self-image. However, in some countries, this seemingly easy task is quite complicated. While there is no said ‘national dish’ for India, Khichdi is often suggested. Hence, many restaurants in Nashua create this delectable dish.

Recognized by a large number of the population, this dish fits seamlessly into many cultures, religions, and social classes of the diverse country. Furthermore, khichdi can be consumed during prayer and holy fasting periods. However, India is a country of many communities making it near impossible to narrow the diverse cuisine to one dish that fits all.

For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on khichdi and why it’s a strong forerunner for India’s national dish.


Economic barriers dissolved

In India, several classes define the economic system. Thus, what one class may consider a go-to meal may be unaffordable for another class. However, khichdi is consumed by all, which is a rare occurrence. Not only is the meal affordable, but it is the ultimate comfort food making it a favorite of nearly everyone. As with any dish, versions vary. But one thing remains – the main ingredient is rice and dal. Two things easily accessible to everyone.


What is khichdi?

Khichdi is a dish made of rice and dal. Of course, there are several variations. Often, the prepared recipe is one that has been passed between generations. However, the recipe generally calls for the combination of the two mentioned ingredients, with spices like turmeric and cumin, ghee, and sometimes a mix of root vegetables. The result is a porridge like soup that is the ultimate soul warmer.


Despite having many popular dishes in India, the country has not named one as the national dish. So, the choice is truly up to you! As one of the best restaurants in Nashua, our family at India Palace is happy to present our customers with a wide array of authentic dishes based on many traditional family recipes.

Here you will find authentic vegetarian cuisine and house specialties like mutton qorma. No matter what you crave, India Palace has you covered. Visit us today at 493 Amherst Street in Nashua, NH to experience the area’s best Indian cuisine.

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Top 5 Dishes at Indian Restaurants In Nashua

When searchinf for restaurants in Nashua, it can sometimes be overwhelming at the monotonous choices. We have all had our share of pizza and Chinese food. Perhaps, you are in the mood to try something new? If so, authetnic Indian food is fresh and full of bold flavors. Beyond being unlike any other food you have had before, there are many vegan and gluten-free options as well! What is not to love?

If you are new to the world of Indian cuisine, we are presenting you with the top 5 dishes to try on your next visit to India Palace. 


Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a must-try dish if you are a chicken lover. This dish is one of the most popular items on any Indian restaurant’s menu – and for a good reason! This delicious dish includes tandoori chicken, slowly simmered in a tomato and cream sauce, and flavored with ginger and cinnamon. 


Tandoori Wings

The seasoning on these chicken wings is what makes them so tasty! This Indian barbeque includes yogurt marinated chicken and spices in a tandoor. A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven that gives the chicken a signature tandoori char. 


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Chicken Tikka Masala

This delicious grilled chicken dish is unforgettable from the first bite. A tomato-yogurt sauce has spices with chili, garlic, ginger, and garam masala, an Indian spice blend. The chicken is marinated overnight and then cooked in a gravy and served over rice. 



Are you looking for a tasty appetizer? If so, chaat is a perfect choice! This popular street food is a deep-fried bread that has toppings such as potatoes and chickpeas. Chaat is usually drizzled with a tangy, spicy, and sweet sauce. 


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Panipuri or Gol Gappa or Chaat, Indian Food


Who could forget Naan? This puffy flatbread is a staple in Indian cuisine and pairs perfectly with just about every dish! 


Now that you know what you are missing out on, it’s time to order some dinner! With the freshest ingredients and variety of options, there is sure to be something that will satisfy your cravings. Stop searching endlessly through boring restaurants in Nashua and give India Palace a try today!

India Palace has been serving the people of Southern, NH, for the last 17 years. Call us today to place your takeout order or make a reservation that you will never forget! 603-891-1140.

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Authentic Nashua Restaurants: Essential Spices for The Perfect Dish


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As with any authentic cuisine, Indian cooking revolves around a specific variety of spices. These spices hold the key to an authentic experience whether at home or enjoying your favorite restaurants in Nashua. At India Palace, we’re no exception. In fact, we’re one of the best choices when it comes to authenticity.

Although we won’t tell our family secrets, we’re looking at some of the most essential spices you can expect to find with Indian food. Bold, flavorful, fragrant, and complex, the variety is wide and possibilities anything but boring!


Varying forms

First, let us begin by saying that not all spices are created the same. Depending on the spice, forms variety as much as the flavor! From chopped to ground, seed to roasting, the presentation has much to do with the delivered flavor. For example, cumin is an extremely popular spice. However, depending on the dish, cumin may be used ground or roasted whole. Furthermore, some spices are adding at the beginning of preparation, while others are added as finishing touches.

Knowing when and how to use your spice comes with experience, trusted resources, and a little trial and error!


The list

Alright, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the list. Below is a list of the top 4 essential Indian spices used when cooking and a brief description of each.


  • Turmeric

Used in powder form, turmeric is also referred to as Indian saffron. The earthy undertones and bright yellow color make this spice distinctive in appearance. Turmeric mixes well with a variety of dishes, including sauces, relishes, quinoa, and many dairy-based dishes.


  • Cumin

Another spice providing an earthy undertone is cumin. However, cumin also has a warm, nutty dimension to its presence depending on the use. This is one of those spices that can be used in several forms. From whole cumin seeds in tadka to ground cumin in soups and curriers, this spice is universal wide with possibilities.


  • Coriander Seed

Also referred to as Dhaniya, coriander seeds provide a hint of citrus flavor with an abundance of fragrance. Coriander is one of the most essential spices in several parts of India, especially the Southern regions. Furthermore, the seed is believed to provide several medicinal benefits including aiding in digestion.


  • Cardamom

From curries to puddings, cardamom is rich in vitamins and wide in benefits. Often used in teas and coffee, cardamom provides a slightly sweet flavor that is savory and unique.


When it comes to authentic restaurants in Nashua, you won’t want to miss India Palace. Not only are we cooking up some of the most authentic dishes in the region, but we’re also using the finest spices available.

Visit us today at 493 Amherst Street in Nashua and be sure to check out our menu online!



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Nashua Restaurants are Cooking Up Tikka Masala



If you’ve dined at the best Nashua restaurants, like India Palace, chance are, you have come across the offering of tikka masala at some point. However, unless you’ve divulged in this authentic meal, you may pass right over the offering on the menu. Although the unknown can be scary, when it comes to authentic Indian cuisine, we promise this is one dish you won’t want to miss!



Tikka refers to a cut of meat. Whether you prefer chicken, lamb, or seafood, tikka coves all of the categories. However, there are several different methods of preparation. The most common, and most authentic of these methods is to cube the meat. Once cubed, the meat is often placed upon skewers and cooked in a tandoor. But first, the meat is marinated with a combination of spices and yogurt.



Referring to the sauce, masala describes the spices used to create the creamy coating of the dish. Red in color, masala contains a tomato base that is combined with coconut cream or milk, turmeric, cumin, ginger, clove, cardamom, onion, and more. The nice thing about this type of sauce is that the heat level is easily controlled.


Tikka Masala

Now it’s time to combine the two – meat and sauce, simmered to perfection and served with rice. We’re hungry just thinking about it! Tikka masala is a classic Indian dish that combines chunks of roasted protein in a spiced curry sauce. Among the most popular dishes throughout the world, this is a must-try for any person!


Next time you’re searching through restaurants in Nashua, stop in and visit us at India Palace. From the best, mouth-watering tikka masala to authentic patrani machi, we have your cravings covered. Visit us today and give your taste buds a break from the everyday!

Be sure to visit us on Facebook for up to date specials and happenings!


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5 Misconceptions About Indian Food in Nashua

As the first restaurant to provide the community with authentic Indian food in Nashua, our team at India Palace has faced several challenges.  The first, and biggest challenge, are the common misconceptions about Indian cuisine.

As we begin our journey with you through our new blog page, we’re taking this opportunity to set the record straight! In this article, we’re taking a look at the top five misconceptions people often have when they think of Indian food.


All Indian food is spicy

 One of the biggest myths about Indian cuisine is the heat level. While several spices are used in traditional cooking, spice doesn’t necessarily mean heat.  Although chefs can easily increase the heat to meet your preferences, traditional dishes contain little to no heat level. If you are sensitive to heat, the one spice that you want to steer clear of is chilies.



Curry is the go-to spice for all dishes

This blanket statement comes from the use of curry powder in several Indian dishes.  However, there are many varieties of curries.  “Curry” is a catchall term used for an Indian meal that contains meats and/or veggies with a spiced sauce.  However, the sauce varies and includes a variety of ground spices from coriander, turmeric, cumin, and dried chili peppers. Often, curry (as a single ingredient) is not even included in the blend.



Indian cuisine only uses basmati rice

Again, a blanket statement based on popularity in Indian restaurants.  Although basmati rice tends to be the most popular rice in India, several other types of rice are well-matched with authentic dishes.  For instance, red rice is extremely popular in India.  Another variation is Indian black rice, which is full of antioxidants. 



Naan is the only type of Indian bread

While naan bread is extremely delicious (especially paired with garlic), it’s only one of two dozen popular types of bread found in India.  Be sure to check out kulcha, chapati, and parantha for a broader experience into authentic Indian culture.



Indian cuisine is not Vegan friendly

Although several types of meat may be used in traditional Indian dishes, there are even more dishes that are vegetarian! One of the best parts of traditional Indian cuisine is that substitutions can easily be made.  For example, if you’re checking out the menu and come across a meal that catches your attention – consider substituting tofu for the meat or coconut milk for the dairy.  Beyond creating Vegan-friendly entrees, the majority of Indian dishes are also gluten-free!



Now that you’re in the know, remember India Palace next time you’re looking for authentic Indian food in Nashua! Using only the freshest and finest ingredients available, we provide our customers with made to order dishes sure to have you coming back for more!